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Using a wheatgrass kit you can enjoy healthy antioxidant rich wheat grass juice at home.

There are many absolutely wonderful nutrition benefits to wheat grass juice. By using a wheatgrass kit at home, you can grow your own for very low cost. It is fairly easy when you use a wheat grass growing kit because all the ingredients are included. Look for a kit that contains a nice sprouting tray, normally 11x11 inches. In addition, the kit you buy should include organic seeds, certified to be free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and any other impurities. You can either get soil or soil free kits these days.

With a regular soil wheat grass growing kit, you place your organic seeds into a soil and fertilizer mix and grow your crop. At the end, you have soil with spent seeds remaining. Most people simply compost this mixture. There is one drawback, however, the soil can be a bit messy. Today, you can find soil free kits that include vermiculite as the soil. These mineral holds in moisture very well and can be used instead of soil. Be careful not to over water it though.

First, start off by pre-sprout your wheat seeds

Once you have your wheat grass kit, the first thing to do is pre-sprout your organic seeds. To do this, you can use a sprout growing tray or glass jar. For an 11x11 inch tray, use about 1 cup of wheat berries. Take them and rinse them in clean room temperature water. Next, soak them for about 12 hours. Rinse the seeds very well at the end of 12 hours. Next, place them in a room temperature area of your home away from sunlight to sprout. Rinse the seeds every 12 hours. In 1 or 2 days, the seeds will have small sprouts about 1/4 of an inch long. Now they are ready to grow in your kit.

Take these sprouted seeds and place them in your wheat grass kit. If you are using soil, fill it almost to the top with your organic soil. Leave 1/2 an inch space. On top of the soil, add the sprouted seeds. Cover with the remaining 1/2 inch of soil. Water lightly. It is a good idea to also add a fertilizer mix to the water. Let them grow at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 7 to 10 days. Once they are 6 inches in height, cut them about 1/2 inch from the surface of the soil. You can get a second crop so, allow them to grow again for another 7 days. With a wheat growing kit, you can have several batches growing at different stages so you will always have antioxidant rich wheat grass for you and your family.

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