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Here are the amazing wheatgrass juice benefits?

There is quite a list when it comes to wheatgrass juice benefits. This amazing plant is grown from small wheat berries. These are the same seeds that are grown as a commercial crop to make flour. As itself, the young wheatgrass plant is a complete food on its own. It contains high concentrations of chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and active enzymes. It has all the amino acids needed by the human body. The trick is the plant itself is not digestible by our digestive systems. So, the best way to consume it is by juicing the live young plants. This leads us to the top 3 wheat grass juice benefits.

The first on our list of wheat grass juice benefits is in blood building. There is a high amount of chlorophyll in the plant. Chlorophyll is almost exactly the same as hemoglobin in human blood. The difference is hemoglobin has a iron atom at the center and chlorophyll has a magnesium atom. Next, the juice is also known to be cleansing to the liver. This is probably also a result of all the chlorophyll. Another amazing wheat grass juice benefit is that it is a natural appetite suppressant. It is also alkaline which makes it perfect for you if you are on an alkaline diet.

Another know wheat grass juice benefit is that it in antibacterial.

The juice is also known to be antibacterial. It does not actually kill the bacteria but it inhibits the growth of the bacteria. In other words, the bacteria cannot multiply in the presence of wheat grass juice and hence eventually die off or are reduced in numbers. Another important wheat grass juice benefit is that it is good for the digestive system. It promotes 'regularity' and can help fight constipation. It has also been know to improve digestion.

Some of the lesser known wheat grass juice benefits include preventing tooth decay, treating acne, keeping dandruff at bay and improve metabolic activity. There is so much concentrated nutrition in wheat grass juice. It is thought that 1 ounce is equivalent to 2 to 3 pounds of fresh vegetables. Whether or not that is true, the fact remains that it is definitely detoxifying for the body. Once you start consuming it, you will come to appreciate all the wheat grass juice benefits. If you are eating an alkaline diet, than this amazing little shot of green alkalinity will really help you get in balance.

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