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Have you ever wondered what the most important wheatgrass benefits were?

The most important wheatgrass benefits are that it is so cleansing. Wheatgrass juice has been popular for many years because of its excellent healing and detoxifying properties. When it is consumed, it can help clean your lymph system, the liver can use it to help rebuild your blood, it can aid in the restoration of your body's natural acid-alkaline balance and it can even help in removing toxic metals. Many of the benefits of wheatgrass come from what it is composed of.

What is Wheatgrass juice made of?

The most beneficial part of wheatgrass has to do with what is inside the juice. Wheat grass juice is made by extracting the liquid from young wheat plants. It contains the equivalent of about 2 pounds of fresh vegetables per ounce. It has an excellent proportion of antioxidants. It has most of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. When the plant is growing, it is able to absorb 92 minerals from the soil. The juice is about 70% crude chlorophyll and has traces of vitamin B12, a very important vitamin to vegetarian and vegans.

This wonderful living food is highly perishable. For it to be effective, you need to drink it within 30 minutes of juicing. This means that for most people, fresh is the only way to go. In order to get the full benefit of wheatgrass juice, you will probably need to grow it at home. You can get a wheat grass kit online or from local health food stores. The grass grows to the required height of 6 or 7 inches in about a week. When you grow a crop in a planter, you can harvest it 2 times. Drinking one ounce per day can be an efficient detoxifying product. At first, you may want to dilute it with 8 to 10 parts filtered water. Once your body has become adjusted to it, you can gradually increase your consumption. No matter what the condition of your health, by having at least one ounce per day, each you could experience the amazing wheat grass benefits in your body.

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