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What are some of the incredible wheat grass benefits that you should be aware of?

There are some very significant wheat grass benefits. Whether you take it as a powder, fresh or in a capsule, this amazing plant is loaded with antioxidants. It also has a cleansing effect which provides a detoxification affect on your body. It is loaded with chlorophyll, the blood of the plant, and can help build your own blood. When you consume it, you get all the amazing benefits of wheat grass in one small package.

Of the benefits of wheatgrass mentioned so far, the most important has to be the cleansing affect. When you eat a typical North American diet, you are getting a lot of indigestible, unhealthy and un-alive foods. When your body has time, it will naturally detoxify itself. By adding wheatgrass to your diet, you are helping in this cleansing process.

Wheat grass has the same percentage of protein as meats

In addition, another less known wheat grass benefit is that it contains the same proportion of protein as meat, in a form that is healthier and easier to digest. If you have a wheat allergy, you can consume it also. It is very rare that someone will get an allergic reaction to the wheat grass juice or plant. The plant is also high in minerals, vitamins, many of which have antioxidant qualities. This adds to the cleansing affect is has in your body.

One of the oddest benefits of wheatgrass is it can prevent the onset of tooth decay. Wheat grass is an alkaline living food. You body fluids, specifically your blood, is alkaline. If you eat acidic foods or have an acidic lifestyle, you body has to neutralize the acid. It does so by many means, one of which is to use the minerals stored in your teeth and bones. When you get more alkalinity into your system, the teeth and bones can become stronger which can in turn prevent tooth decay. We could all use more antioxidant protection in our diet and could use a bit of extra cleansing from time to time. There are so many interesting and beneficial wheat grass traits that we should all have some in our daily diets.

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