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Where do you get vegetarian protein when you are on a raw food diet?

This is a very common question. Most people can only imagine that protein comes from meats, eggs, fish and dairy products. Many people also have a misunderstanding about how much protein is necessary for a healthy body. The answers may surprise you. The truth is that plants contain plenty of protein. If you eat enough plants and have a variety of them, there will be plenty in your diet. A study done by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association discovered that meat eaters, vegetarians who ate dairy and eggs, and people who only ate vegan food, all had double the daily recommendation of protein in their diet. People concerned about vegetarian protein on a raw food diet, can stop. As long as you are getting enough calories in a variety of different foods you will be fine.

There are some excellent sources of vegetarian protein in a raw food diet.

One of the best sources of vegetable protein in a raw food type of diet is sprouts. Did you know that pound for pound, they have higher concentrations of protein and in a format that is more easily digested than beef or chicken? In addition, there are soy based products. The soy bean is very rich in protein and there are hundreds, if not thousands of products on the market made from it. Make sure however, to avoid any soy products that are fermented, such as tempeh and soy sauce. In addition to that, when you eat sprouts of grains and legumes, you release the protein locked in the seeds. Avocados are another excellent source of protein. Plus, add to that all your green foods like lettuce, kale, spinach and broccoli and your needs will be easily met.

So, if you are making the transition to a raw food lifestyle and are concerned about whether you are getting enough protein in your diet, I hope this has explained away your concerns. Now, you can enjoy sprouts, raw foods, greens, sprouted grains, tofu and hundreds of other vegan foods knowing that your protein requirements will be met.

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