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What exactly is a vegetarian atkins diet

A vegetarian atkins diet is a combination of 2 eating principles into one. The Atkins diet promotes the eating of very low carbohydrates in order for your body to experience increased health and weight loss. A vegetarian diet is one composed of mostly plant products, i.e., fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, etc. In order to combine the two principles, you modify a vegetarian diet to include raw foods that are low in sugar, complex carbohydrates, and no meats (vegan). The combination of the two is what some people refer to as a vegetarian style atkins diet.

Now people on a this kind of atkins diet will experience weight loss. This is actually a side effect of eating this way. The most advantageous aspect of this lifestyle is your body will naturally restore its acid alkaline balance. This is very important because of two reasons. First, there is a natural pH level of your body's blood and fluids. If this strays, your body has to correct the imbalance or you can get sick and even die. Second, in an acidic environment, disease propagates. People who have corrected their acid alkaline balance experience weight loss and even recover from illness, or disease. When the body gets to a balanced state, it begins to detoxify which flushes any garbage from the system. As a side effect of the detoxifying process, weight loss will occur.

What do you eat on a vegetarian atkins diet?

When you first start on a vegetarian style atkins diet, you should consider beginning with a green drink cleanse of 3 to 4 days. If you have a health challenge, get proper professional supervision before starting. During the cleanse, you drink plenty of water, green drinks (either from a powder supplement or freshly juiced), lightly warmed soup broths and if hungry, a light salad. After the cleanse, you can slowly add more solid raw food to your diet. Keep your choices low in sugars though. This means no fruit. If you are worried about vitamins and minerals, consider that for every fruit that contains a vitamin or mineral, there exists a vegetable in nature that contains the same thing. Begin adding sprouted grains and legumes to your diet if you miss the sensation of carbohydrates. For protein, think sprouts, green leafy vegetables and any unfermented tofu products. By trying this for yourself, you will know if eating a vegetarian type atkins diet is really for you. Give yourself 10 days and then ask yourself how much better you feel.

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