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By vegetable juicing you can increase your consumption of antioxidants and begin cleansing your body.

Vegetable juicing is about the healthiest thing you can do with a juicer. Some of the worlds most antioxidant packed foods are vegetables and grasses. By drinking their juice you will be well on your way to cleansing your body and increasing your health.

When you first start juicing vegetables, you probably will use the recipes that came with your machine. A lot of these use carrots as a base of sweetness. This is ok, except if you are aiming to eat more alkaline. For those people, you will want to gradually reduce your dependency on sweet vegetables. What you will probably find is that after a few days your taste buds will start to come alive. You will begin to taste flavors in the juice that you may not have ever noticed. In fact, once this happens, you will really notice the overpowering strength of processed sugar. In fact, it may lose its appeal, which is a secondary goal for someone on a alkaline diet.

Once you get more experience at juicing vegetables, you are more likely to want to try more exotic drinks that do not have the sweetness you used to desire. One really good vegetable to add at this stage is jicama. This potato looking vegetable is extremely fresh tasting, very juicing and slightly sweet. Unlike a potato, it is excellent to eat raw, either in a salad or by juicing it.

Vegetable juicing is very cleansing on your body.

The process of digesting takes a lot of energy from the body. By drinking your vegetable instead, you get more nutrition in a format that is very easy to digest. The results are more energy for your body to begin cleansing and detoxifying itself. No matter why you are interested in starting to juice vegetables, the best thing to do is start slow. Gradually increase the amount you drink and wean yourself off processed foods. The results on your body just might amaze you.

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