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Did you know that a serving of supreme greens, a superb herbal supplement, can pack as much nutrition as almost 2 pounds of fresh vegetables?

Supreme Greens is an all natural herbal supplement developed by Dr. Alex Guerrero. His story is both sad and enlightening. When he was going to medical school, he watched his father-in-law literally waste away from cancer. For three years his father-in-law fought a losing battle and in the process lost parts of his body and all of his dignity. After the ordeal, Dr. Guerrero vowed to make a difference and received a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In his studies, he was able to observe many patients with a wide range of ailments and from a wide range of races, ages and backgrounds. He searched for an herbal supplement that could help his patients restore their health and finding nothing suitable, he decided to create one. The end result was a formulation called supreme-greens. It is perfect for people on an alkaline diet or those with minor to severe health challenges.

Why is Supreme Greens such an effective herbal supplement?

There are 2 major benefits to adding supreme-greens to your diet. First is the added intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients. The farmland of our country has been overfarmed for years. A growing grass plant, such as barley grass, can absorb up to 90 minerals from the soil. Modern farming does not replenish that soil effectively. The result is the nutrient concentration of fruits and vegetables today is lower than what it was in the past. This amazing green drink contains 125 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant proteins & lipids, all from organic sources. Each serving will contain up to five servings of raw vegetables. In addition to the added nutrition, the second major benefit is restored alkalinity. For those people wanting to eat more alkaline foods, adding this herbal supplement will enhance your results. It helps your body neutralize acids naturally. This is important because your blood is naturally alkaline. The typical North American lifestyle is full of acidic foods. By ingesting more alkaline foods, your body will be better equipment to neutralize these acids leading to improved health, increased immune function, and even loss of weight.

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