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What should you look for in a sprouting kit?

A sprouting kit is simply a sprouter plus some organic seeds. The main difference in each is going to be what seeds you get and what kind type of sprouting device is included. When you are shopping, you need to keep in mind what sort of sprouts that you are going to want to grow. If you are new to this, there are a few beginner sprouters available.

A beginner kit would most likely contain some organic seeds that are easy to grow. Mung beans (used to grow 'bean sprouts') are a good beginner seed. Also, alfalfa seeds are another common basic sprout that many consider easy to grow. Lentils, peas and chick peas are a bit more adventurous but only sprout for a few days. These are sometimes found in beginner sprouter kits.

A more advanced kit for sprouting may include wheat grass seeds. In fact, there are kits specifically for growing grasses like barley and wheat grass. You can find kits dedicated to mini sprouts. These types of sprouts start with very small seeds and the sprouts themselves are quite light. A more exotic sprouter could contain a salad mix of seeds. Typically these contain organic seeds of onion, arugula, cress and/or garlic. They have stronger flavor and are used to enhance a salad.

The sprouting device in a sprouter kit will normally be matched closely with the seeds. A beginner kit may include a glass jar sprouter. This is a standard size mason jar with a series of plastic mesh covers. The jar is used to soak and grow the seeds with relative ease. The jar does not provide the best air circulation and so is not a universal sprouter. More advanced kits contain a tray or bucket shaped sprouter. These can be used to make larger quantities and more varieties of sprouts. They provide much better air circulation and are easy to use and clean. A neat and specialized sprouting device is a hemp bag sprouter. This small sack is used for big and small sized seeds. The disadvantage is size. If the sprout is too large (like in a bean sprout) the bag gets too crowded. The advantage is they have the best air circulation and require more frequent rinsing to prevent the organic seeds from drying out. No matter which kit you wish to purchase, there are certainly many unique and quality choices. If you do not have a local store that carries them, there are many online sources that will ship a sprouter kit to your door.

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