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Is there a trick to sprouting grains?

Most people have never tried to sprout grains so this article will help get you started. For clarification, let's group grains and pulses together. Examples would include wheat berries, lentils, chick peas, wild rice and green peas (whole seeds, not split open). All of these can be used to make sprouts that are both quick to make and tasty at the same time. Let gets started learning about how to begin sprouting grain.

The best first step in any kind of sprouting is to purchase organic seeds. They will be certified to be free from pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other chemicals. In addition, organic seeds always seem to have a better germination rate. This is important because any unsprouted seeds can spoil and ruin your whole batch. The next step in the process of sprouting is soaking the seeds. It is preferably to soak them overnight in the refrigerator. The quantity of seeds will depend on your sprouting device. Make sure your sprouter provides enough air circulation. This will also prevent spoilage and mold from forming.

Sprouted grains are most often ready in a couple of days

When you sprout grains, you are looking for a sprout that is about the same length of the soaked seed. This really does not take very long. Wheat berries, for example are usually ready in 1 to 2 days. After you have soaked the organic seeds overnight, take them out and rinse them in fresh clean water. Transfer them to your sprouter. Rinse them every 8 to 12 hours for the next 1 to 2 days. Keep an eye on the length of the growing sprout and taste them after each rinsing.

Once the sprout is long enough, rinse your sprouted grains one final time and take them out of your sprouter. Now they are ready to use in your recipes. Some ideas for their use are as toppings on soup, dehydrated and mixed with a flavoring agent (spices mostly) makes a nice snack. Wheat berries can be ground and mixed with water to make a raw essene bread. They are also excellent in salads or any dish where you want some crunch. Use your imagination and start sprouting some grain at home today.

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