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It is easy to sprout seeds at home to create a super nutritious healthy food in you very own home.

Virtually anyone can sprout seeds at home. The process is very easy to do and in a few days you will have grown some really healthy food. All it takes is a bit of time (about 5 minutes a day), a place for them to grow like a glass jar or better yet a sprouting tray and some organic seeds.

Sprouts are extremely nutritious food. They are living plants in the prime of their lives. They contain high levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and live enzymes. The added bonus is these are in a format that is easily digested by your body. This means not only do you get more nutrition, pound for pound, but you get it in a way that will save your body energy.

You can sprout seeds in a jar or a sprouting tray.

Once you have purchased some sprouting seeds, begin by soaking them in good clean water. The amount of time depends on the type of seed. The smaller or softer the seed, the less soaking time is required. The harder the seed, the more time is required. Next, place them in a glass jar or sprouting tray. Make sure all the water has drained out. Leave them in a warm dark area while they are growing. Twice a day, check on them, add water to the container, rinse them and drain it well. Depending on the type of seed, they will be ready in 2 to 7 days. For the last day, you can expose them to sunlight so the leaves can go green. Not all sprouts will have leaves at the harvest stage so use your own judgment. To harvest them, clean them in plenty of fresh water and spin them dry in a lettuce spinner. Store in a perforated plastic vegetable bag or other container in the refrigerator. Always serve them raw for maximum nutrition.

You can get sprouting seeds from various locations either online or in your local area. Make sure to ask for organically grown seeds. Consider getting a sprouting tray for added convenience. Also, using a jar, limits the type of seed you can sprout so a tray definitely helps. Make sure to use plenty of filtered or otherwise clean water and your whole family will be able to enjoy the healthy food you grew just for them at home. If all of this is too complex for you, there are complete sprouting kits available that make it a lot easier to begin sprouting.

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