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A raw food program will be cleansing to your body with the added effect of increased weight loss.

Did you know that a raw food diet will be cleansing to your body? This type of eating program will give you body the resource necessary for self detoxification. When you eat a primarily uncooked diet composed of fresh vegetables, some fruits, sprouts and nuts, you will experience increased energy levels as well. In addition, one of the most pleasant side effects will be weight loss. Imagine, all that, just from switching to a raw diet.

When we eat, the body digests the food for us. With uncooked foods, the enzymes and vitamins are completely intact. These are very susceptible to damage from heat. So, as you might imagine, cooked food is much lower in live enzymes. This is important because there are many health functions that are supported by enzymes. For example, lipase is an enzyme found in uncooked foods. Lipase has shown to aid in splitting fat molecules so it is important in natural weight loss. Protease is another enzyme that helps the body with detoxification. Your body will store toxins and acids in your body fat. Without enough detoxifying enzymes, the body will store more toxins and be predisposed to keep the weight on.

A raw food diet will give you more energy and support weight loss.

There are many anecdotes that a raw diet gives people more energy and supports natural easy weight loss. At first, when you make the change, your body will begin to cleanse itself. When this happens, you may feel symptoms of ill health. Some people even think they have a cold or flu. For most people, this is short lived. If you add a green drink fast, the detoxification process will go faster. Once this detox period is over, you will start to experience slow gentle and relatively constant weight loss. The effects of eating raw on your health and weight are too important not to consider trying it. At first, you can start slow, maybe with one meal a day. Give yourself a goal to completely switch to a raw diet in 30 days. Then, make a plan and stick to it. Your body will thank you for it.

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