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A review of the omega 8002 juicer.

The Omega 8002 juicer is what is referred to as a masticating juicer. There are 2 main types of juice machine technologies. Centrifugal machines spin a cutting basket at high speeds. The produce is dropped into this basket and pulverized into fine pieces. The spinning action of the basket them separates the pulp from the juice. A masticating juice extractor on the other hand chews and grind the produce to squeeze all the juice out of it. The pulp that results is often dryer and the juice darker. The Omega 8002 juice machine can be used to do more than make juice though.

Omega calls their 8002 juicer a 'nutrition center' because you can make all kinds of things with it. Normally, people think of only juicing with their juice machine. This one does that very well and as a bonus can make a wide variety of extra dishes. For example, did you say you wanted to make fresh salsa tonight? This machine can be used for chopping and mincing all the tomatoes and onions you would ever want. Also, you can use it to make wonderful frozen treats like frozen banana pudding or sherbet. In addition, you can make luxurious smooth nut butters from raw healthy nuts. Fresh almond butter is amazing on veggie sticks or rice crackers. This juicer can even process wheat grass without an extra attachment. Often times, you have to buy an extra for this capability. Lastly, the Omega 8002 juice extractor can be used to make fresh pasta.

One of the biggest advantage of a masticating juicer is its lower speed

One of the big advantages of masticating juices is that they operate at lower speeds. This generally produces a higher quality juice with more nutrition preserved. Older machines of this type used to have problems with clogging. This one comes with a built in reverse function to prevent that from happening. The machine is quieter than centrifugal juice machines, again, since it is operating at a slower speed. The unit can be assembled in less than a minute by most people and you do not need and tools for assembly. All of these advantages make the Omega 8002 juice machine a highly prized home appliance.

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