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Manual juicers make it easy to enjoy fresh wheat grass juice anywhere, anytime.

Manual juicers are still a very practical machine in today's kitchen. The fact that they are portable also means they are not confined to the kitchen. They can be used on the road, camping, or even at the office. If you wish to enjoy the benefit of juicing combined with the freedom of a portable machine, you may wish to pick up a handy manual juicer.

The manual juicer is a device that attaches itself to a counter or table top. Once secured, you can then use it to extract wonderfully healthy juice from wheat grass, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Not only are they portable and quiet to operate, they are also very inexpensive to own. The price of a hand juicer ranges between $30 to $80 online. The newer models have a strong (100 pound) suction cup under its base to firmly hold onto the surface.

An excellent application for manual juicers is juicing delicate greens

Typically, manual juice extractors are used to separate the juice from delicate leafy greens and grasses. These types of vegetables are quite sensitive to heat damage. An electric juice extractor spins anywhere from 3500 RPM to over 11,000 RPM. This creates a large amount of heat which can damage the juice. The live enzymes in fresh vegetable juice start to break down at 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So, to really enjoy the full benefit of juicing these types of produce, you should consider using a manual juicer.

There is one drawback to these machines. They require a bit of arm strength to operate. If you have weak arms, a manual juicer may not be what you need. If that is the case, consider picking up an electric model that operates at lower RPMs.

Most people find that adding fresh juice to their diets can help cleanse their body. Since you are interested in the benefit of juicing, why not give a manual juicer a try first. They are inexpensive to own and you can test how much you like juicing without going out and spending hundreds of dollars on an electric juice machine.

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