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Living foods are the best source for live enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy and happy.

For people who are looking to better their health, living food is the best place to start. People who eat this way (sometimes known as raw vegan), propose only eating live uncooked fruits, vegetables, sprouts, sprouted grains and juices of grasses. The reason for this is to increase the density of nutrition in your diet without adding to conditions that cause disease.

Live foods are very rich in important but very heat sensitive live enzymes. Over 115 degrees F, they begin to deteriorate. In fact, almost 90% of them are inactive in cooked food. That means you get all the calories but none of the nutrition. They are important because they help you digest the food and can help your body heal itself naturally.

People also choose live or raw foods for the added antioxidants. Fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin E, C and Beta-carotene. Newer antioxidants are still being discovered in vegetables so chances are, there will be more to add to that list in the years ahead. Antioxidants are important because the react with rogue molecules, called free radicals, and neutralize them. Free radicals have been associated with heart disease and cancer. So, getting lots of free radical busting antioxidants is another bonus for you if you are eating live foods.

Living foods can help keep candida in check.

Lastly, there is candida. This simple yeast normally lives our bowels, skin and women's vagina. Normally, our body can keep this pesky organism in check. However, when the body's immune system is challenged or the intestines are stressed by too many cooked foods, the candida can change from a simple yeast into an aggressive fungus. The good news is that by eating a raw vegan diet composed of live raw foods such as greens, raw vegetables (non-starchy), sprouts, soaked nuts, low sugar fruits and young coconut, can be beneficial to anyone with candida. If you make the internal environment inhospitable to candida, they will no longer flourish.

So, as you learn more about live foods, you can really begin to understand how important it is to get enough of them in your day to day diet. Start the transition slowly. Add more and more until you are getting the targeted 70% or more of your nutrition from raw food sources. If you have any major health challenges, seek confident medical advice before altering your diet drastically.

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