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The lemonade diet is perfect if you are sick, tired, over weight or just want to cleanse.

The lemonade diet is written about in Stanley Burroughs book called "The Master Cleanse Diet". Inside this rather small book you will find out the reasons why you might want to try this program. People on the lemon diet consume a special drink made from lemons, obviously, and use it to cleanse their bodies.

The lemon drink diet is best for people who have a sickness, who feel tired, who are overweight and those who want to cleanse their body. On the diet, a person drinks only the lemon drink when hungry. As with any cleanse, no solid food is consumed. In addition, you may drink water as well.

This cleansing diet will also promote weight loss

Stanley Burroughs suggests staying on the lemon diet for a minimum of 10 days. You can go as long as 40 days but make sure that if you are making such a commitment to seek your local health care provider for supervision. As with any cleanse, the Mr. Burroughs's cleansing diet will promote weight loss.

The drink that you consume during the diet is made up of equal parts fresh lemon juice and Grade B maple syrup mixed in a 10 oz glass of water. A tiny pinch of cayenne pepper is also added. Make sure to use fresh lemons only. You can substitute limes if you wish. Also, make sure you are getting Grade B maple syrup and not maple flavored syrup. Make as much lemon drink as you wish and drink it as long as you are on the lemonade cleansing diet.

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