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Juicing is the perfect way to extract the living food from fresh produce to create an excellent source of nutrition.

There are many types of juicing machines on the market these days. They all work in a very similar way. They mechanically separate the plant fiber from the liquid in the cells of the plant. This liquid is the living food we are after. The fiber in most plants is indigestible. When we chew and eat it, only a small portion is extracted while it is digested. By using a juice machine you can ingest the superfoods trapped in the plant.

By using juicers, you can eat a small mountain of vegetables in a short time. The benefit of a juicer is that you are able to get the nutrition of a large amount of vegetables or even wheat grass without a strain on your digestive system. It is known that the process of eating and digesting our meals throughout the day, consumes a large portion of our energy. It you extract the living food from the plant fiber, you are able to give your body a break. The result is more energy and saved time, something I think we all need more of.

When shopping for a juicer, there are a few things to take into consideration. Think about how much you are going to use it. If you have a small family or will use it infrequently, than you may not need a large unit. Also, take into account the noise level produced by the machine. The last thing you want to do is buy a loud machine and then be afraid to use it because it will wake up your entire your house (or even the neighbors). Lastly, think about the types of produce you will juice. Some machine are better for fruits and soft vegetables, others are better for hard vegetables and even green leafy plants like kale or spinach. You may even want to go one step farther by extracting the juice from wheat grass. If so, make sure your prospective machine can handle this. An entry level machine would be the Juiceman Juicer and something more industrial strength would be the Omega Juicer family. All in all, drinking freshly squeeze vegetable and fruit juice is a wonderful way to help restore your energy and give us each a little more free time.

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