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A juicing machine buyers guide. what to look for when buying a juicer for personal use.

If you have decided that now is the time to buy a juicing machine, there are some things to consider before you make your purchase. The kind of juicer you get will depend on your lifestyle, age, physical abilities and your reasons for buying one. If you are looking to loose weight or go on a cleanse, you will want to make sure the machine is suited for the amount of juice you plan to make.

Just as you may imagine, not all juice machines are based on the same technology. There are citrus juice extractors that basically spin an old fashioned juice reamer and you press the fruit against it. They are only handy for juicing fruits. Next are the centrifugal models. These machines chop up the produce in a quickly spinning basket. The spinning action separates the pulp from the liquid. Some newer models, like the Juiceman II series and the Jack Lalanne juicers, have automatic pulp ejection systems. The means you do not have to stop the machine to clean the pulp from the basket. For people doing more than a pint of juice at one time, this is a must. The newest models of juice machines are called masticating. They mash the produce into a paste and then squeeze the liquid from the pulp. These machines operate at lower temperatures and produce a higher quality and quantity of juice. Their drawback is they are more costly and require more physical strength to operate.

The size and strength of the motor of your juicer is important.

When buying a juice machine, you also need to be aware of the power of the motor. The stronger the motor, the better it will be able to work with hard produce. Additionally, you may want to examine the size of the feeder tube. The newer models of the Juiceman II and Jack Lalanne juicers have large openings. A small opening means you have to cut up the produce before you can juice it. This feature saves you time. With older models, you had to cut up everything to fit it in a tiny feeder tube. The easier it is to use your juice extractor, the better chance you have of sticking to your diet or cleanse.

Finally, if you are considering buying a juice machine, you need to think about the warranty and if you are going to make any special food items. The warranty on juice extractors can range from 90 days to over 5 years depending on the model. Most typically you will find a warranty of 1 to 2 years on juicers. If you plan on making specialty foods like wheat grass, frozen treats or baby food you will need a machine that is capable of doing that. In shopping for a juice extractor, plan to do a bit of research before buying. If you want to use it for casual use or if you are serious about drinking more juice so you can loose weight or go on a cleanse, different machines will be better for you.

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