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Who is the Juiceman and why are his juicers so popular?

The Juiceman is Jack Lalane. He is a vegetarian fitness guru from the early sixties who is still going strong today. Jack has devoted his life to promoting the philosophy of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. He has had various ventures from gyms to exercise videos to even his own exercise show that is back in broadcasting today. Lately, his most famous products are a series of juice machines.

Jack's juicers are an electric home appliance that allow you to make the freshest juice in your very own home. You do this by juicing the produce in the machine to separate the pulp from the liquid. The process leaves you with some of the tastiest and extremely healthy live juice you have ever had. His juicing machine claims to yield 30% more juice that other name brand units. It has a wide 3 inch feeding chute to insert the fruit or veggies or whatever you are going to be juicing. The machine has a surgical stainless steel blade and a patented extraction process. The new models also have a separate container where the pulp is stored. This is a much needed improvement because some older models kept the pulp inside the machine. This was not the best design because it forced you to stop the machine to clean it after only making about 1 quart of juice.

Jack Lalane's machines are widely available online. They are very versatile because they can process fruit, vegetables and even wheat grass. Most often you needed a special attachment or in some cases a dedicated machine to make wheat grass juice. One of the best things you can do with a juice machine is to make your very own green drink recipes. Essentially, you take a variety of green vegetables and by juicing them, you make an extremely cleansing and nutritious green drink. It is advised to add water to such a drink because of the substantial cleansing affect it may have on your system.

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