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Product review of the juiceman junior juicer.

The Juiceman Junior is an handy home appliance for making fresh juice any time you want to. This juicer, like is big brother, the Juiceman II, is based on what's called a centrifugal technology. This means, it has a stainless steel spinning basket. The food drops into this spinning basket and its munched into extremely small pieces. The pieces of food are then spun against the basket at high speeds separating the juice from the pulp. This juice extractor has the convenience of an automatic pulp ejection system. The means that you can make all the juice you want without having to stop and clean the machine. Many people are coming to realize that juicing fruits and vegetables can help them with their weight loss and health goals. If you are in this category and would like to start juicing, than the Juiceman Jr is an excellent place to start.

There are a lot of conveniences built into the Juiceman Junior

The machine has a nice and wide feed chute. This means, you won't have to cut up the food that you want to process. You may have seen the commercials on TV where they drop a whole apple into the Juiceman Jr without cutting it up. That can really save time if you are making a lot of juice. It also saves on preparation and clean up time. Another advantage of the Junior model is its size. It will easily fit under most cupboards or countertops. It is lower in height than the average blender and takes up about as much room as a food processor.

When in operation the Juiceman Jr's motor has enough power to tackle most fruits, vegetables and their rinds. The motor on the junior model is 440 watts whereas on the Juiceman II, it is 690 watts. Along with physical size, that is the only major difference in the two models of Juiceman machines. They both do an excellent job of juicing. Depending on your needs and experience, the Juiceman Jr may be the perfect juice extractor to add to your kitchen.

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