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Why are the juiceman juicers so popular?

The Juiceman Juicers are produced and sold by Jay Kordich. At a young age, Jay became sick and was told by his doctor that he would not live very long. Being young and open minded, he refused to believe that was the end. He heard about a doctor in New York who successfully treated patients by juicing carrot and apple juices, along with proper eating. Jay eventually made the journey to meet this doctor. Once in New York he began the same diet and changed his eating habits. Very soon, he was strong and healthy again and his life was changed forever. Jay has been using and creating juice extractors for the last 50 years. Lately, he has helped develop the now famous Juiceman series of juicers.

The Juiceman Juicer is a machine to separate the fiber from the juice. It can be used with fruits and vegetables. These juice extractors work best on fruits and vegetable that have a high water content. For example, crisp juicy apples and celery creates nice juice, whereas bananas are sure to make for a cleanup nightmare. The process of separating the fiber from the juice leaves a highly nutritious but very perishable drink. Some of the healthiest drinks use green vegetables. These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and live enzymes. The Juiceman Juice machines are very good at making these green drinks.

The Juiceman juice extractor is an excellent value

The machines are widely available online. They are an excellent value because they can process fruit, vegetables and even wheat grass. Many machines do not have the capability of processing wheat grass. Some have an attachment but it normally costs extra to purchase. If you decide to get a juice extractor, make sure that you learn to make fresh green drinks. They are extremely healthy and quick to prepare. Check the recipe guide that ships with your juicer for recipes. All in all, Jay's Juiceman products have been designed well, are built to last and have the experience of a man who has been making fresh vegetable and fruit juice for over 50 years.

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