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Juiceman Jr review: start into the healthy world of juicing with this very affordable automatic juice extractor.

The Juiceman Jr is an entry level juice extractor. For a very small price, you can enter in the world of juicing at home, work or even on vacation. The machine will cost you around $50 or $60 and is small enough to keep around on your counter top. While not as big as Jay's Juiceman II model, this little machine will definitely be worth it if you don't plan on juicing mountains of vegetables or fruits. Then Juiceman Junior is very easy to clean up too. The removable parts are dishwasher safe or you can wash them with warm soapy water. There is a micro mesh cutter basket that may need extra care from time to time. A simple fix for this is to use an old toothbrush to keep the tiny holes open.

There are some minor drawbacks to the Juiceman Junior. The chute that feeds the machine is a bit small. This means you would have to take a bit of time to cut larger fruits and vegetables before placing them in the chute. For a comparison, the largest feed chutes on the market are about 3 inches but the machines are almost 4 times as expensive. If you are juicing only a few times a week or for small amounts at a time, this minor inconvenience is worth the cost savings of the Jr model.

The 410 watt electric motor can handle those tough veggies

Even though the Junior is a smaller entry level juice extractor, the 410 watt electric motor can handle any vegetable you can through at it. When you are juicing, remember that soft mushier fruits, like strawberries and peaches, are not to be juiced. They really do not turn out very well and will make clean up more difficult. It ships with an instruction book and recipe book to get you up and running very quickly. The machine is simple to use. The recipes are easy to do and it even comes with a vitamin chart so you can learn what fruits and vegetables contain which vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

All in all, the Juiceman Junior is an excellent entry level juicing machine for singles or a small family. If you decide to upgrade, there is even a coupon granting you a discount on a newer Juiceman model. The best thing you can do for your family is give them the gift of health. As Jay says, "Drink to your health".

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