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Use a juice machine to make the healthiest, freshest nutritional power house of a drink in seconds.

People buy a juice machine for various reasons. Maybe you are on a raw food diet and you want to increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and wheat grass. Maybe you have a serious health concern and need to get more vitamins or minerals into your diet. You might even be on a cleansing diet and need to absorb as many nutrients without overtaxing your digestive system. What ever your reason for wanting a juicing machine, you are in luck. Today your options for purchasing juicers are much greater than just a few years ago.

About 5 years ago, your choices for a juicing appliances were quite limited. The machines on the market were extremely loud and required effort to use. In addition, the juice they produced was usually pulpy, sometimes resembling soup more than a juice. The also suffered from heating problems. In order to extract the liquid from the fiber, the old units had to spin the blade mechanism very fast, heating the liquid. For those of you on a cleansing diet, this was a negative. When fresh juice is heated to high, the live enzymes break down and you can lose a lot of their benefit. But today, things have definitely changed.

Modern juicers are quieter and produce better quality juice

Today's modern juice extractor is not only quieter, it produces higher quality juice and is more convenient to use. You may remember some infomercials of late for some newer juicing machines. You might be familiar with the names Juiceman II and Jack Lalanne Juicer. Not only are these newer machines easier on the pocketbook, they also produce a very high quality juice, can handle larger pieces of produce and are much more convenient to use. Imagine have to stop your clean your machine after only making 1 quart of juice. Today, some models come equipped with an automatic pulp ejector, perfect for someone on a raw food diet wanting to make a lot of juice at one time. No matter what your nutritional needs, today, you can get the perfect juice extractor to fit your healthy lifestyle.

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