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Juice extractors are wonderful machines that turn raw fruits and vegetables into healthy cleansing drinks.

Juice extractors have become very popular in the last few years. They have actually been around for about 20 years now, but recent improvements in their technology have made them much more attractable and affordable. In simple terms, a juicing machine separates the pulp from the healthy liquid juice. Fresh fruits and vegetables are composed of plant cells that we cannot digest. By juicing them, we release the nutritious foods and can easily digest them. There are 2 major brands that you may have heard displayed on TV. The first is the Juiceman series and the second are the Power Juicers.

There are two major reasons for using juicers. First, is the ability to make cleansing drinks. The juice that is separated in the juicing process can be very cleansing. Normally, to get the same quantity of nutrition, you would have to eat a large amount of vegetables and fruit. By using a juice extractor, you save your body a lot of energy that would other wise go to digesting the food. As a result, you have much more energy left over. Your liver will then have the resources necessary to start a little cleansing. The result, if you are at all interested in cleansing your body, you should consider a juicing program.

The juice produced by juice extractors is easily digested.

The second major reason for using a juice extractor is for increased health. Most of us eat our vegetables cooked unless we have a salad. When you cook vegetables the live enzymes, vitamins and important antioxidants are destroyed by the heat. All it takes is 118 degrees F and the food begins to lose its health advantages. Sure, the calories are still present, but the all important nutritious has begun to breakdown. The result of juicing is getting all this nutrition (enzymes, vitamins, probiotics, flavanoids, etc) without all the extra calories. In addition, as was mentioned before, the format of juice produced by a juice extractor is such that it is very digestible.

For people considering improving their health or starting a cleansing program, it would certainly increase your odds of success by picking up one of the more popular juicers. As was mentioned earlier, the Juiceman and Power Juicer are two excellent brands of juicers. No matter what your reasons for deciding to get one, remember, Drink to your health.

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