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jar sprouting is one of the easiest ways to grows sprouts at home.

Most people first get started in jar sprouting because it is so easy to do and costs very little to start. Also, if you are on a raw food diet, sprouts are a tasty way to add some crunch to your salads and other meals. If you want to try growing sprouts at home, this method is an excellent way for you to get your feet wet. Not only is it easy, you probably have all the accessories you need right now. The exception might be the organic seeds. The easiest test is with mung bean seeds.

Bean sprouts are one of the easiest to grow at home

For your first attempt at sprouting, it is recommended you use mung bean seeds because they germinate well (almost 100% of the seeds will sprout) and they yield amazing results in less than a week. To begin, purchase some mung bean seeds. If you have access to a local health food store, ask them if they carry organic seeds for sprouting. If not, you certainly can get them online for very reasonable costs. Next, get a clean mason jar and a pair of old pantyhose. It is rumored that white knee high stockings work best because the toe is reinforced well. Lastly, get a strong rubber band (the kind they use to secure broccoli work well.

The next step in growing sprouts is to soak your mung beans (about 1/4 cup) overnight in clean filtered water. At the same time, thoroughly wash your jar. The next morning, drain the mung beans and place the seeds into the jar. Slip the toe of the pantyhose over the mouth of the jar, stretch it tight and secure with the rubber band. Next, fill the jar with water and drain. You can set the jar at a 45 degree angle in your dish tray or sink to drain. After about an hour, you can place the jar upright in a cupboard to avoid the light. Rinse, drain and store the jar twice a day for 5 to 7 days. As the sprouts are growing, taste them each day (after day 3). Take care that no mold forms in the jar. The only disadvantage of sprouting in a jar is a lack of air circulation. If you do not rinse them properly mold can sometimes grow.

After the sprouts are about 3 inches long they are ready to be harvested. You sprouting adventure is now complete. Remove the pantyhose from the jar and shake out the sprouts into a strainer. Wash them and then dry them well. A salad spinner works great to dry them. Make sure to line the basket with paper towel and they will dry nicely. Store the mung bean sprouts in a plastic bag for about a week at most. Usually they will be eaten long before a week is over. Hopefully your experiences with sprouting in a jar will be pleasant and in no time, you can enjoy the 'fruits' of your labor.

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