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Using a Jack Lalane juicer you can make nutritious green drinks your entire family will enjoy.

You may be considering getting a Jack Lalane juicer for your family. It certainly is an excellent way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Today, we could all use a little help ensuring we eat properly. If you are busy and on the go, taking a fresh green drink with you will help give you energy. If you are a person on an alkaline diet, you can certainly user a juicer to drink your veggies. Today, many people are turning to juicing for health reasons. If that is your case, than here are some extra things to know.

First, you are probably aware that store bought juices are usually full of preservatives to make their shelf life longer. Second, you probably don't have the time to prepare and eat the 7 servings of fruits and vegetables that are recommended eat day. So, the answer is to get a juicer from Jack Lalane and make your own fresh green drinks of the healthy fruits, wheat grass and green vegetables.

If you have considered buying a juice machine from Jack Lalane in the past but were worried about price, noise or durability, you can stop now. Today's version is both quiet, powerful, dish washer safe and built to last. They have added some extra nice features like an automatic pulp ejector. On previous models, you had to stop the machine after about a quart to clean the pulp. In addition, the Jack's juicer has patented extraction technology that boasts up to 30 percent more juice. Get one today and give your family the gift of juicing and may you all become healthier.

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