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You can start growing wheat grass in your own home using organic seeds in a planter or a wheatgrass kit.

If your thinking you have to have two green thumbs to grow wheat grass in your home, relax and keep reading to find out just how easy it is. The young wheat grass plant is extremely nutritious. Some people classify it as a green super food. You can easily have this plant available in your home all year round by using a wheatgrass kit or a planter and some organic seeds. It is fairly simple to begin growing wheat grass in you very own home.

First, decide how you plan to grow wheat grass in your home. If you have some experience growing plants, then all you will need is some organic growing mix, a planter and organically grown wheat seeds. Of course, if that sounds too complex for you, there are many wheatgrass kits available for sale online and in local health food stores. Once you have decided how you are going to grow wheat grass, the next step is to pick a location in your home. The area needs to have indirect access to sunlight and be room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

After 2 weeks you will be able to harvest your newly grown wheat grass

Start off by placing about 5 inches of your growing mix in your planter. If you wish to add a mineral complex to the soil, azomite has been used by farmers in the US since 1942 to increase crop production. Next, add your wheat seeds to the top of the soil mixture. Don't worry too much about overcrowding them because you are going to harvest them before they mature anyway. Cover the seeds with 1/2 inch of soil. Water lightly and move to the designated area in your home. In about 7 to 10 days you will have sprouts appearing. Keep a watch on the moisture content of the soil and water when necessary. After about 2 weeks in total, you will be able to show off to your family that you can grow wheat grass in your home. Take the plants and cut them about 1/2 inches above the soil. In another week to 10 days, you will be able to harvest another batch. Again, if you do not have access to such supplies where you live, you can also consider picking up a wheatgrass kit. They contain all the soil, minerals, seeds, trays and instructions for you to grow wheat grass and enjoy this wonderful green super food.

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