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Growing wheat grass at home from organic seeds to make a perfect alkaline food is fun and easy.

Today many people are growing wheat grass at home in order to consume this super nutritious alkaline food. The process is quite simple. The wheat grass plant will absorb about 92 minerals from the soil as it grows, therefore you need to start with excellent quality soil. Then once you have that taken care of, you need to find some organic seeds. This will ensure the seeds do not contain any pesticides, fungus or other contaminants. The last things you need are a tray, a source of light and some good clean water.

You start out by lining your tray with about 5 to 6 inches of soil. Then you need to take your organically grown seeds and soak them for 12 to 24 hours. Spread your soaked seeds on top of the soil and evenly distribute them. Cover the tray with a towel or cloth to keep in the moisture. Let the seeds germinate in a semi-dark area for 3 days. Make sure to check the tray for moisture and add more water when necessary. After the grass has reached about 2 inches in height, you can relocate the tray to a warm sunny area and uncover it. In one to two weeks your grass with be 6 to 7 inches high and is ready to harvest. Growing wheatgrass in this way is quite easy. If you aren't sure how green your thumb is, you can purchase pre-made wheat grass kits that have everything you need to get started plus all the seeds for many crops.

Once you have grown your crop, you will need to juice it

Once you cut the crop, you can then extract the highly cleansing alkaline food in the juice. You will need either a manual or electric juice extractor to do this. Then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Most crops can be harvested twice before you have to begin the fun again with a new batch of wheat seeds and soil.

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