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How you can easily grow bean sprouts at home for pennies.

To grow bean sprouts at home, all you really need is a sprouting tray, some organic seeds and some time. If you put all that together, using these instructions, you will be able to harvest them in about a week. The first thing to do is get prepared. Before you start to growing bean sprouts, you will need to purchase some organic seeds. Bean sprouts are grown from the mung bean. These seeds are green like a small pea and have a tiny white dot on the bottom side. Next you will need a tray for sprouting. These are available online and in larger health food stores. They are really convenient because they allow you to water the sprouts while they are growing and provide proper drainage and air flow. If you are stuck, you could use a large glass jar with the top covered with cheesecloth. You can hold the cheesecloth in place with a strong elastic band.

To begin, you first need to soak your sprouting seeds. The bean seed is not too hard but by soaking it first, you will ensure a larger portion of the seeds germinate. The last thing you want is rotting seeds in the tray so this step is strongly encouraged. If you get organic seeds, the chances are higher you will have a good germination rate. In addition, they will be certified to be free from pesticides and other chemicals.

The next step to growing bean sprouts is to spread them evenly in the tray. The seeds will grow to 7 times their original size so be sure to give them plenty of room to grow. Twice a day, you need to water and drain the seeds. If you are not using a tray, make sure you let your jar drain properly. Keep them in a room temperature area that is dark.

Continue to water and drain them twice a day and watch them grow. After day 3, start tasting them when you water them. The sprouts will grow quite fast. In about 7 days, they will be ready to harvest. If you grow your bean sprouts in a dark area, as suggested, at day 7 two yellow leaves will appear. This is when they are normally 'harvested'. Take them and rinse them well in fresh cold water. Dry them with paper or cloth towel or even better, in a salad spinner. They will keep for about a week in the refrigerator. If you followed this article, you will be on your way to growing beans sprouts at home, and it will only cost you a few pennies per week.

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