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What are some of nature's best green super foods?

Some of nature's best green super foods may seem a bit foreign to you. Almost certainly you will not find them at your favorite local restaurant. One of the best known is wheat grass. It has amazing properties that put it in a class all by itself. Barley grass is equally nutritious but the taste is not as pleasant so it is less common. In addition, sprouts are also in the category of super foods. Let's look at the reasons why.

Wheatgrass is a perfect green super food for many reasons. First, the young plant is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes and protein. In addition, the plant absorbs 92 different minerals from the soil. Its juice is very alkalizing and detoxifying. It along with barley grass has been known to be a blood builder. There are anecdotes of people recovering from cancer and the effects of traditional cancer treatments by daily supplementation with either a powdered wheatgrass green drink or fresh juice. The green drink is made is such a way as to preserve all the benefits of the fresh juice. This is important because most enzymes are destroyed by temperatures above 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sprouts are another often forgotten super food.

Another excellent green super food is sprouts. These small embryonic plants are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, proteins and live enzymes. They don't quite have as many minerals and chlorophyll as wheatgrass, but they are still very healthy. People who eat a raw food diet are often asked how they get their protein. Pound for pound sprouts have more protein than beef, chicken, fish or eggs. In addition, the protein is in a format that is much easier for the body to digest. Just about any seed can be sprouted to active the live enzymes stored in the seed. Varieties vary only by your imagination. You can easily buy organic seeds and grow them yourself at home. For people on the go, there are even travel sprouters so you can take these green marvels with you on the road.

These are some of the best green super healthy foods nature has supplied us. By taking them daily, along with proper diet and exercise, you will definitely see some improvements to your health. If you have any major health challenges, be sure to consult your local health care provider before changing your diet drastically. It is worthwhile to note, there are no known serious side effects to adding these excellent foods to your diet. If your diet is largely different that what is being suggested here, you may experience mild symptoms such as gas and cramping while your digestive system is adjusting to your new green super food diet.

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