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How do you pick the perfect electric juicers?

The market for electric juicers has grown considerably in the last 10 years. With that time, innovation has helped create some very nice juice extractor machines for home, personal and even commercial use. The perfect machine for you will depend totally on your juicing needs. If you are interested in buying a new electric juicer, let this brief guide get you started today.

When it comes to purchasing an electric juicer, it is wise to start with the end in mind. If you were to stop and imagine how a juicing machine would fit in your life right now, what would you imagine? You may think of only using the machine one or two times a week. Who knows, you might imagine that your life would be totally different and that you would be juicing at least once a day. You may have health concerns and only want to make healthy cleansing green drinks. On the other hand, you may only want to get your kids to drink a glass of preservative free fruit juice each day. No matter what you imagined, there is an electric juicer available for you.

Depending on your juicing needs, the perfect electric juicer will be different for everyone.

If you were thinking of only using your electric juicer once or twice a week, then there are many entry level machines available. If you imagined that your needs would involve frequent juicing, then there are more advanced models available too. The entry level machines are normally based on the centrifugal or spinning technology. These juice machines spin a cutting basket, blade or disc very rapidly. The fruit or vegetables collide with the spinning mechanism which separates the juice from the fiber. The more advanced machines use a grinding process (called masticating) to crush the pulp in an auger mechanism. These machines are normally a bit slower to make juice. Since they operate at slower speeds, the juice quality with a masticating juicer tends to be better. They also have the advantage of being able to process wheat grass, an important addition to a cleansing program.

When shopping for an electric juicer, remember to examine 3 things. First, find out if the pulp is automatically ejected from the machine. Some older electric juice machines did not separate the pulp automatically. This meant poor juice quality and an unpleasant cleanup process. Second, learn about the size of the feed chute. A small feed chute means you have to cut up the food before the juicing can begin. If you only use your machine once a week, this is not usually a problem. If you plan on using your power juicer more often then getting a large feed chute is a must. Lastly think of the electric juicer as an investment in your health. Some people get started juicing because of a weight loss plan. If that is your goal, taking the extra time to investigate the perfect machine for you will help you enormously. It is strange to think that most people plan longer for their summer vacation than for their health. Be better than the average person and give yourself the cleansing gift of a new electric juicer.

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