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eating raw food is the perfect way to being cleansing your body with all natural antioxidants and to lose weight.

Most people in North America subscribe to the idea that eating raw food is almost abnormal. The typical diet is loaded with calorie dense and nutrient poor foods. As a result of this dietary behavior, combined with a lack of exercise, diet related diseases are the number one killer of people in Western civilization. To combat the odds of this happening to you, consider eating a raw food diet as your primary food source. As an added bonus, this lifestyle will help your body by cleansing itself of any toxins, fats and other waster products that have been collecting in you. Since eating raw will add many more antioxidants to you diet, you get the added bonus of reducing the numbers of free radicals in your system.

There is a super easy way to get started with eating raw foods

To being eating a raw food lifestyle, you can do something very simple yet profoundly effective. To start, add one green salad with every meal. Make it your goal to eat 3 salads every day. A good way to think of a salad is a mixture of 3 components. First are the greens. Add up to 3 different types of greens to your salad. Sprouts are also in the class of greens so use them as well. Second is an oil/fat base. Avocados, oils, nuts and raw nut butters are excellent choices. Lastly are what you may consider fruits. Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, radish, and other fruit type vegetables can make up the last portion. For dressings use lemon, lime or grapefruit juice. Do not add vinegars or sugars to the dressing. Add any kind of fresh herb you desire. A time saving trick is to make a large batch (experiment with a new recipe) every week. Since salads contain a large number of antioxidants, you can eat as much as you like when eating raw.

If you have more experience eating a raw food diets, you may want to purchase some recipe books or search online for more ideas. The advantages of eating this way also include weight loss. It is amazing how simple it can be to lose weight while eating as much raw food as you want. Most people can transition to a 70 to 80% raw food diet in about 5 to 10 months. By doing it slowly, you are going to ensure you can stick to it. If you go too slow, you may not experience enough 'success', such as weight loss for it to be enjoyable. Keep in mind, that making this transition will be detoxifying for your digestive system. This may cause a few mild to moderate digestive side effects like gas, bloating or other symptoms. Once you are fully raw for at least 70% of your meals, you will no longer have these.

The main reason most people begin a raw food lifestyle is to prevent or eliminate disease or illness. Since this lifestyle is very detoxifying and loaded with free radical busting antioxidants, it is an excellent way to accomplish that. Try it for yourself for at least 10 days. That's long enough for you to start experiencing some of the benefits like weight loss and detoxification. If you like how you feel, consider making the full switch and adopt eating more raw foods at every meal.

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