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Dr. Robert Young teaches the health advantages of eating an alkaline diet rich in raw food.

Dr Robert Young's book pH Miracle is a must read if you are searching the fastest way to health, cleansing and weight loss. The book is his second on the subject of detoxifying your body with an alkaline eating program. In it, Dr. Young bestows on the reader the virtues of a raw food diet composed of 70 percent or more raw foods. When you make the change to an alkaline diet, your body begins cleansing itself and weight loss is a natural side effect.

According to Dr. Young, we as a nation are sick and overweight because we our acid alkaline balance has been upset. Our body has a very sensitive pH balance that must be sustained or you can get sick or even die. Our blood and most other body fluids are slightly alkaline. If you have too much acid from either your food, too much stress (physical and emotional), pollutants, poisons, etc, your body has to work very hard to eliminate the imbalance. He perceives that it takes 20 times as much alkalinity to overcome the acid. Also, when we eat yeasts, fungus and other micro-organisms that live inside us, they add to the problem. Yeast is a single celled organism that uses sugar for energy and thrives in an acidic environment. It is added to wine to ferment the sugar into alcohol. A similar toxic process can occur in your body when you are in imbalance.

The fastest way to get into balance is to adopt an alkaline way of eating

Dr. Young teaches the fastest way to stop this process is to adopt an alkaline way of eating, composed of plenty of clean water and raw foods. Sprouts, soaked nuts, green vegetables and some low acid fruits are encouraged on this type of diet. Most people will have cravings at first because these tiny yeast forms are hungry for sugar. After about 3 or 4 days, the hunger disappears and cleansing takes effect. You can speed up the process by starting with a 2 or 3 day vegetable juice fast. One of the most amazing advantages of this way of life is that weight loss is a natural side effect.

Dr. Young explains that your body will store fat because it is used to counteract acidity. When in balance, the body no longer needs the fat and weight loss is constant and painless. If you are interested in cleansing or weight loss, you owe it to yourself to read a copy of Dr. Young's latest book, The pH Miracle or his earlier book The pH Miracle for Weight Loss.

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