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Find out how a detox diet will give you the gift of body cleansing.

A detox diet will have a very effective body cleansing affect on you. In a nutshell, this kind of diet is based mostly on raw foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass juice. You will also consume plenty of clean water and some salads for the course of the diet. The length of time you stay on a program like this will depend on the severity of your symptoms or other very personal reasons. Most people will find 3 or 4 days adequate for renewed energy and vitality.

You should always consult a health care professional before embarking on any new diet. There are many books written on the subject as well. One popular book is "The Detox-Diet: A How-To & When-To Guide for Cleansing the Body" by Elson M. Haas. Whatever your reasons, a detoxifying diet can definitely have a positive impact on your overall health and well being.

What is it like to be on a detox diet?

While on this kind of diet, you are going to be consuming lots of high water content fruits, vegetables and green drinks (all loaded with antioxidants). You will be eliminating cooked foods from your eating for the days you are on the diet. At first, this is going to have a 'flushing' effect. You may experience more frequent trips to the bathroom. You may also experience more waste products produced by your body as well. This is the cleansing affect of this type of eating. Your body will now have time to clean up any built-up waste that may be collecting inside. Now that it has more energy and free time, your digestive system will have a chance to eliminate more waste.

The process of digestion normally requires a large amount of your body's energy. By giving it a break, a detoxifying diet will allow it to essentially cleanse your internal environment. Think of it like a fish tank. Every so often, the water has to be changed and the bowl cleaned. If not, waste builds up and the fish will get sick.

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