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A cleansing fast to promote detoxification is a quick way to cleanse your body and jump start a weight loss program.

Not every cleansing fast program is created equal. There are some that promote taking diuretics, some that promote no food at all (a water fast) and some that are based on an alkaline diet. The best one to start is the alkaline diet version because you are allowed to enjoy the juice of green vegetables. The benefits of a detoxification program are that it allows your body an chance to cleanse and clean up your insides. This can be accomplished on a vegetable juice fast and at the same time give your body the nutrition it needs. This means the fast will be more enjoyable, will be more effective and will be better able to jump start any weight loss.

On a vegetable juice cleanse, you basically, have clean filtered water and the juice of fresh green vegetables. If hunger is a problem, you can add some salads and water rich vegetables like seedless cucumbers, tomatoes and red peppers. While on this fast, your body will begin to clean up you inner terrain. This means that for a time, your blood is going to be dirty 'taking the trash' to the liver, kidneys and bowels for 'disposal'. The result is you may feel signs of sickness. This will pass in time, depending on how clean you are to begin with. Just make sure you are taking plenty of water each day.

In addition to the vegetable juice, some people also take a green drink supplement to aid in the cleansing affect of this fast. These products contain dried living foods such as wheat grass and barley grass. In addition, they are alkaline and promote detoxification. Whether you decide to add this is up to you. If you have your own juicer, you may wish to simply juice those grasses yourself. All in all, after you have completed 3 days of fasting, you should begin to feel clearer, you may need less sleep at night, you will probably notice more energy and may start to see some weight loss already. If you decide to continue your cleansing any longer than 3 or 4 days, consult a health care advisor for supervision.

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