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chlorophyll is an excellent supplement you can take during a cleansing diet because it is extracted from antioxidant food

Chlorophyll can help your body to cleanse and toxins. It is an excellent supplement you can take if you are on a cleansing diet. Chlorophyll is the part of a green plant that makes it green. It is used by the plant in the process of photosynthesis. During this process, the plant converts light energy into food energy in a process that only nature has perfected. Foods high in chlorophyll help with digestive orders, provide energy, provide detoxification, boost the immune system and can even prevent diseases like anemia.

In 1986 an article was published in Mutation Research in which it was reported that chlorophyll was effective in counteracting the genetic mutations caused by hazardous chemicals, cigarette smoke, coal dust and diesel emissions. It can also protect against harmful compounds found in fried meats. People have also used its detoxification effects to treat iron deficiency anemia and peptic ulcers.

Chlorophyll is actually the equivalent of the blood of a plant.

Its chemical makeup is amazing almost identical to hemoglobin in human blood. Your blood is red because of an iron atom at the center of hemoglobin. Chlorophyll is exactly the same as hemoglobin except the iron atom has been replaced with magnesium. Because of this, it is also know as a blood builder. It is exceptionally important for people on a cleansing diet. It helps the blood deliver oxygen throughout the body and protects your liver (an important detoxification organ). It can even help break down calcium stones in the body.

The best source of chlorophyll is from the green plants in which it is found. Alfalfa sprouts, being an antioxidant food, are a good source. Green vegetables, especially the leafy kind, are excellent sources as well. Supplements can be taken of course, but because there are other health benefits to eating raw plants, it is suggested that be your main source.

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