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What steps should you take if you are considering becoming vegetarian?

First of all, congratulations to you for considering becoming vegetarian. This is a way of life more than a diet. You are going to have your own very personal reasons for wanting to do so. No matter what they are, the following should be of help to get you started. Keep in mind there are varying degrees. Some people opt for a raw food diet, some want to be vegan an others are less strict about what they consume.

If you are going to take up the challenge of being a vegetarian, here are the things to be aware of. Preparation will make your journey all that more enjoyable.

First, become aware of your reasons for choosing to be a vegetarian. You may have a health challenge that you need to tackle, you may have environmental concerns, or you may have something totally personal to you. Whatever that be, become aware of it and if you want, write about it.

Next, you should take note of your options. No matter where you live, you always have access to vegan or raw foodist options. You can just shop around your local area to see what you have available. If you find your area lacking in choices, there are places that you can order from online. Once you have located some places where you can shop, experiment a little. Try some new things and see if you like them.

After you have exposed yourself to the cuisine options available, you can do some research to find out what the best, healthiest, most environmentally friendly options are. Read about eating living foods. Research a raw food lifestyle. Go to a bookstore, either online or locally and pickup some books on vegetarians. Get two or three that cover the specific topics you are interested in. While you are shopping for books, make note of some recipe books. When you are ready to make a further commitment, go back and get those and start experimenting.

The next step is to make a conversion plan for going vegetarian. This will definitely help and is almost a must if you have a family you are trying to convert. Consider taking a full year to convert. Slowly introduce the ideas. Make one meal a week, the vegetarian or vegan meal. Gradually increase to one per week and so on. When you run out of some less healthy food, buy the healthier alternative. Experiment with the incredible variety of meals that can be prepared with raw foods, living foods and other forms of vegetarian cuisine.

Lastly, plan how you will handle those occasions where you cannot get a vegetarian meal. What if your uncle invites everyone over for steaks cooked on the barbeque every July? What are you going to do? What are you going to say? Can you talk with him before and explain that for your personal reasons, you have decided on to become a vegetarian. Consider what you would do in a restaurant. You can call in advance to see what options are available. Most restaurants these days are welcome to vegetarian diners. No matter if you choose be a vegan, a raw foodist or something else, making the choice of being a vegetarian is one that you will not regret.

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