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Did you know that barley green is a living superfood rich in antioxidants?

Barley green is very similar to wheat grass in that the immature plant shoots are harvested and either dried or juiced for consumption. It is an extremely nutritious plant food that contains many essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are important in a healthy diet. In your busy life, it is probably not as easy to get enough raw fruits and vegetables into your diet. At the same time, that busy lifestyle requires even more of this superfood to help keep you healthy and vibrant. That's where a barley nutritional supplement can come in handy.

Barleygreen is made by converting the young plant into a powder. The process is done in such a way to preserve all the live nutrients in the plant. The process leaves a highly digestible powder that is a wholefood. Along with the vitamins, minerals and enzymes, this superfood contains many very important antioxidants. One in particular is called superoxide dismutase or SOD which can slow down cell deterioration in your body. It is found in superb proportions in barleygreen. Additionally, the leaves of the young plant are high in protein. The concentration of protein is about 40 percent and it is in a format that is easily digestible.

For best results, it is recommend that you chose a barley or wheatgrass product that is made from organic plants and contains the wholefood, not just a juice extract confection. These products can have a cleansing and detoxification affect so it is suggested that you start slowly at first. Try adding 1 teaspoon of a barleygreen powder to water or non-acidic fruit juice. Gradually increase the amount you drink as your tolerance increases. The importance of getting all the necessary nutrition and antioxidants in your diet today cannot be understated. Consider adding some barleygreens to your diet today.

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