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Benefits of alkaline forming food: cleansing and weight loss.

When you increase the amounts of alkaline forming food in your diet, you will be adding to the cleansing effect of your digestive system. In addition, a natural side effect of having a proper pH balance is easy weight loss. The fluids of body has a normal pH range that is slightly alkaline. The stomach is one area that is an exception. For the body, the proper pH range is crucial for chemical reactions to happen properly. If the balance is upset, you can get sick or even die. For this reason, the body will do many things to maintain this balance. When you eat alkaline foods, you give you body the nutrition and pH balanced minerals it needs.

By adding more alkaline food into your diet, you will give you body the building blocks it needs in a format that minimally interrupts the important pH balance. As a result you will have excess energy to start cleansing your digestive system. Most alkaline foods are green vegetables, some fruits, sprouts and seeds. These all have a detoxifying effect when added to your diet. No one ever got sick eating alkaline salads. The idea is simple. The body gets the nutrition it needs in a format that is easy to digest. This extra energy allows cleansing to occur. The detoxifying of the acids and other toxins in your system, further adds to your alkaline pool. The added bonus to this process is that body fat is used to buffer acidity. Once you are in balance, you should experience consistent and easy weight loss. Your health and weight get better and better by adding more alkalinity to your diet.

As was mentioned, just about any green leafy vegetable is alkaline forming. In addition, sprouts, barley grass, wheat grass (fresh and the powdered green drink versions) are very alkaline and detoxifying. Broccoli and cucumbers are also important. Avocado, lemons, limes, watermelon and unsweetened grapefruits also have a higher pH value when digested. Fresh herbs and vegetable juices are also good to have. These alkaline foods, along with many others, are important to add to your diet. They will have a cleansing affect on your digestive system, can stimulate weight loss and in general will make you feel better. Try adding more alkalinity to your meals and watch how you feel for the next 10 days. If you cannot honestly say you feel better, than maybe this is not for you. My guess is you will enjoy the results too much to consider not having them.

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