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Do you know the major benefit of alkaline food such as sprouts, wheat grass and green drinks?

One of the main advantages of eating alkaline food when on a raw food diet is that they are healthier and provide a cleansing effect on your body. When you consume a food, the process of digestion separates the liquid watery part of the food from the solid part. This solid part, often referred to as an ash, is what it used to the pH of the food product.

When people eat acid foods, the body has to work harder. The reason for this is the pH of your blood is slightly basic of alkaline. When you eat an alkaline diet, such as sprouts, your body gets a break, or rather, it does not have to work so hard. When that happens, it is more energy and resources to clean up the toxins or pollutants that have been collecting inside each of us. The result is that we have more energy, are healthier and our bodies become cleansed.

What are some types of alkaline foods?

If you are now considering adding more foods that are alkaline into your diet, it is best to know where to start. The easiest thing to remember is to think green. Green vegetables are some of the best alkaline based foods to choose from. In particular, sprouts and wheat grass are incredibly alkaline. These living foods have all the live enzymes, amino acids and vitamins that your bodies need, and in a format that is easy to digest. For wheat grass, you first need to juice the plant in order to be able to digest the nutrition. Food to avoid include meat and dairy products, high sugar products (even fruit) and any processed food. Plants are the best way to get alkaline based foods. Consider getting a juicer to make your own alkaline green drink at home or buying a dried product.

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