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Acidosis can be reversed easily by switching to an alkaline diet.

Acidosis is a condition where the body has too much acid present in the body fluids. There is a growing body of knowledge that purports acidosis as being the underlying cause of many disease conditions in civilized countries. It is thought that when someone become too acidic, the body has to work very hard to retain a proper state of pH balance. This is important because if the pH of your blood changes in any significant amount, you can die. If the body did not have many defense mechanisms against acid, we would get sick quickly and eventually die.

The body does have many buffering systems to prevent acidosis. First is the mineral buffering system. To maintain a proper pH balance, the body will use minerals and bicarbonates to neutralize acids. If there are not enough minerals in the diet, the body will get them from teeth and bones. One could therefore conclude that osteoporosis could actually stem from the fact that a person was in a state of acidosis for a long time. It is widely believed that an alkaline diet can help reverse and/or prevent such conditions.

Body fat is quite important in preventing acidosis

In addition to mineral buffering, it is thought that body fat plays an important role in preventing acidosis. Body fat is thought to be used to store up and neutralize acids in the body. The fact that when people switch to an alkaline diet and begin to lose body fat, supports this theory. The body fat is probably being used by the body to prevent acids from entering the organs and damaging them. So, again, this can lead us to say that being too fat is a condition caused by having acidosis.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to adopt an alkaline diet. By eating properly, the body will begin detoxification naturally. The excess fat will no longer be required. The mineral and pH balance of the body will go back to normal. In essence, people who eat an alkaline diet, eat a large portion of their foods from raw sources. The pH of vegetables and some fruits is alkaline. By eating this way, you ingest more alkaline salts and minerals and make it easier for the body to eliminate acidosis.

The best way to get started is to learn more about alkaline diets and acidosis. An excellent book on this topic is "The pH Miracle" by Dr Robert Young. Inside this book you will learn all about the importance of proper pH balance, how acidosis occurs, what can be done to reverse it and how to eat an alkaline diet. There is a companion book written by his wife that is a 'cook' book for alkaline dieters. The term 'cook' is almost not appropriate because an alkaline diet is similar to a raw food diet in that the majority of foods are eaten in their raw state to get the maximum nutrition. If you want to get and stay healthy, please get educated on acidosis and its prevention. If you have concerns about how it applies to your current condition, please consult your local health care provider.

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