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What you don't know about your acid alkaline balance could make you sick.

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Our bodies are constantly regulating the delicate acid alkaline balance. You are probably aware that your body temperature normally stays constant unless you are sick or fighting an infection. Did you also know that the blood and fluids of your body are slightly alkaline and that this too much remain constant or you can become sick or even die. This balance is maintained by the mineral balance inside and outside your cells, the bones of your body and by your blood. These systems work in conjunction with your lungs and kidneys to maintain the proper acid-alkaline balance at all times. If there is unbalance, then conditions for the growth of toxic microforms and candida yeast can occur. Left alone, this can cause weight gain, sickness and even disease and a detoxification of your body may be required.

Can diet, lifestyle and aging affect the acid alkaline balance?

As we get older, our ability to maintain this important balance declines. The choices of foods that we eat also affects this balance. The typical North American diet is highly acidic. Add to that our fast paced, high strung lifestyles and you have a recipe for an upset to this balance. In addition to those factors, we often consume products that strongly affect our blood pH. Animal products, sugars, white flour, corn, rice, fermented foods, fungi, carbonated beverages and yeasts can increase the acid affect on your blood pH. In addition, this type of environment is favorable for the growth of candida yeast. These tiny microforms thrive in a sugar and acid filled environment. They basically consume sugar and produce more acid as a waste product. Candida yeast can make the adverse effects of this lifestyle even worse.

What can you do about it?

Obviously, the best way to maintain the proper blood pH balance is to avoid acid producing foods and increase alkaline foods such as low sugar fruits (tomatoes, lemons, limes, grapefruit), green vegetables, nuts, sprouts, sprouted grains and essential oils. Not only are these foods alkaline, they are also low in calories and high in vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, become aware of the external stress in your life and take measures to decrease them. Although exercise is an acid forming activity for most people, the positive effects far outweigh any negative ones. By doing all these things in moderation, you can help your body restore the natural acidic/alkalinity balance in your body.

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